Eye-catching rhinestone shining either singularly or as a complex pattern leaves nobody indifferent. The great variety of colors and shapes makes them multi-purpose decoration way.

Nowadays rhinestones are wide spread clothes, footwear and accessory decoration, they give the models dressiness and nicely emphasize them among others. You can choose different colors, sizes and styles of rhinestones in our collection for high flamboyancy of the general image.

For your special benefit we have classified the rhinestones according to the types such as DMC 100-1000 gross rhinestones, DMC 10 gross rhinestones, A, AA class rhinestones, rhinestone-shaped metal, faux pearls adhesive rhinestones, 1000-50 gross glass rhinestones, 1000-50 gross glass rhinestones, etc.

Rhinestones are easy in attaching and save their newness for a long time. There are modest variants of rhinestones as well as bright and creative ones in our collection.

  • Rhinestone net

  • DMC 10 gross rhinestones

  • DMC 100-1000 gross rhinestones

  • A, AA class rhinestones

  • Faux pearl thermo-adhesive rhinestones

  • Rhinestone-shaped metal

  • Sew-on mounted rhinestones

  • up to 1000-50 gross glass rhinestones

  • 1000-50 gross glass rhinestones


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