About us

Since 1999 FURNITEX has established itself as a large wholesale supplier of sewing accessories and details for clothing, footwear, headwear and accessories production in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

The enterprise offers a great variety of up-to-date and trendy goods that number dozens of thousands necessary and useful items for sale and for ordering.

In addition, we offer development and production of full sets of sewing accessories and details of any complexity with your logo. High quality and following necessary deadlines.

On sale: fabric and paper labels (embroidery); appliques, rhinestones; rubber and metal labels; decorative braid, adhesive braid with rhinestones; metal sewing accessories such as metal labels with legs, chains, fasteners; polypropylene bags; zippers, zipper sliders, zipper slider pendants; metal and glass décor, etc.

We produce full sets of any sewing accessories with your logo to order. Such as:

- Fabric, cardboard labels, flags, tags, plastic stamps;

- Product packaging such as polypropylene and polyethylene bags, carton, boxes;

- Plastic, rubber, metal, combined accessories;

- Development and production of rhinestones appliques of any complexity for 3 days.

FREE designer’s services involving development of individual patterns.

Our purpose is to provide you with high quality goods for your business development.


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