Sew-on appliques

Sew-on appliques are one of the most reliable and long-wear decoration kinds. Clothing industry prefers sew-on appliques among others for a long time.

The diversity of threads and an opportunity to experimentalize with shapes and colors make sew-on appliques a multipurpose way of textile products, accessories and footwear decoration. There is a great variety of appliques in our catalogue such as faux leather appliques, glitter appliques, poster appliques, rubber appliques, appliques with sequins, beads, faux fur, lace.

Their multi-purpose allows combining them with other sewing accessories such as decorative incle, rhinestones, lace, beads, faux pearls and metal décor. Create your own elegant models.

  • Sew-on footwear appliques

  • Faux leather sew-on appliques

  • Sew-on appliques with sequins

  • Sew-on poster-appliques

  • Rubber sew-on appliques

  • Relief surface sew-on appliques

  • Sew-on appliques with rhinestones, beads and metal

  • Sew-on appliques with organza and other fabrics

  • Sew-on appliques with lace and faux fur


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