Slide buckles

Shining rhinestones and metal splendor of slide buckles will definitely attract much attention to any clothing model with such accessories and give an image more dressiness.

Slide buckles are necessary accessories for clothes and footwear belts and straps adjusting. The development of designing ideas allowed using them as a décor. They are usually connected with the help of elastic materials between frames. The high quality production materials ensure long-liveness of our slide buckles and preserve novelty of their appearance.

Our collection includes faux leather slide buckles, O-rings, triangles, rectangles, etc. Some of the buckles are decorated with rhinestones. Add elegant accessories to your clothing models.

  • Faux leather braided charm connectors

  • Metal charm chain connectors / slide buckles

  • Metal O-rings

  • Metal rectangular ring buckles

  • Metal charm chain connectors with rhinestones/ slide buckles

  • Metal triangle buckles

  • Decorative metal noodle tubes

  • Перетяжка ткань


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