Popular in toys production colorful eyes and noses of different sizes and colors can easily become a funny decoration for your products.

Eyes and noses decorate not only children toys but also clothes and their diversity is constantly growing. There is a great variety of different eyes in our catalogue, so you can choose a suitable variant for necessary materials and styles.

There are drawn, round and googly eyes in our collection. The production materials are plastic and glass. They are usually attached with contact paper or special small nail.

Eyes give creativity and fun to toys, clothing, footwear and accessories models.

  • Multicolored glass eyes

  • B-eyes

  • F-eyes

  • M-eyes

  • MR-eyes

  • P-eyes

  • Round eyes with colored iris

  • Real shape eyes

  • Drawn eyes

  • Noses with special nails

  • Noses with flat back


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