Shoe accessories

The wide range of different shoe accessories gives you an opportunity to give your footwear models a picturesque decoration and to ensure reliable functionality that will help them to be in use for a long time.

Shoe accessories are not least important than the main production materials while footwear production processes. Zippers, laces, fasteners and buckles give any footwear model a charming effect and emphasize among others. The special technologies are used for high quality shoe accessories manufacturing that is why they are produced apart from footwear. Their surface is usually nickeled, lacquered or enameled.

Our collection includes a wide range of necessary accessories that are suitable for different clothing styles and fit every taste. Create your own footwear design masterpieces and add our shoe accessories.

  • Appliques, sew-on patches

  • Lace eyelets

  • Brooches and pins

  • Footwear decorative elements

  • Крабы Металл Стразы

  • Rubber and oilcloth labels

  • Faux leather and nubuck labels

  • Zippers and zipper sliders

  • Pendants

  • Loop and ring lace eyelets

  • Buckles / slide buckles

  • Iron-on rhinestone sheets

  • Trimming ribbons and elastic bands

  • Metal ribbons with rhinestones

  • Footwear rivets and burrs

  • Associated goods

  • Metal labels


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